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Due to Covid-19, many people are thinking about down-sizing, and this means moving. We have put together a moving checklist of all the things you need to do to make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Here is a quick checklist to make sure that you have everything completed to make your move a little less painful.

Many people are still tired of renting, still looking at homes, and ready to move.

1. Transfer Utilities

Before you get your keys to the new place, you need to set up your physical utilities: water, gas, and electricity. Be sure to notify all utility companies of your move-in date. The sooner, the better. Especially if it’s during a moving season and preferred appointment time-slots have been taken.

2. Connect TV and Internet

You’re going to want to make sure you’re up and running before move-in day by setting up services that work for you. Research your cable and internet companies to ensure you get the best pricing to the service that fits you and your family’s needs. Scheduling installation in advance is just as important as setting up your utilities. You will want to ensure your services are activated in a timely manner and get the appointment slot that works best with your schedule.

connect the wifi internet

3. Update your address

This is a very important one. Your address is connected to many aspects of your life that you may not realize. Banks/credit cards, driver’s license, car registration, and even forwarding your mail from the post office. Be sure to make a list of all your accounts that could have your address tied to them so you are able to update everything at once.

4. Gather important documents

Be sure to organize all of those important documents that you have stashed away in a safe place. Anything from birth certificates, social security cards, passports, medical records etc. Be sure to purge what you don’t need and label and organize everything that you do. Be sure to grab a shredder and some banker boxes. You’ll be glad you did it ahead of time so nothing gets lost during the move.

collect important documents

5. Take photos of valuable items

A good method to practice before any move is to take photos of all of your valuable items. This could be anything from your grandmother’s antique mirror to your TV and computer monitor. By taking these photos, you have proof of the original condition in the event that they’re damaged during the move. No matter how careful or responsible the moving company is, accidents can happen.

6. Research local businesses

Moving to a new city or state? Start researching the local markets, community events, or businesses in your area. By familiarizing yourself, it will help you feel a little bit more settled and connected with your new area!

7. Take off from work

This is just as important as updating your address. Moving is stressful and exciting but overall could be overwhelming. Not only will you be unpacking a sea of boxes, but you’ll also be waiting on deliveries, repairs and installations. Post-move is crucial to getting somewhat settled. Be sure to plan accordingly.

8. Schedule a cleaning

A good idea is to schedule a cleaning to come out to your new home. Chances are the previous owner didn’t take the time to thoroughly clean it for your arrival. Be sure to schedule a cleaning service and carpet cleaners to come in and do a thorough once-over.

9. Schedule home improvements

There could be repairs that will require more attention than others (leaky plumbing, windows that don’t lock, etc). If you’re wanting to paint accent walls or do build-ins you’re going to want to do this before you move in. It will make your life way easier.

10. Prepare to pack

As move-in day approaches, start to throw out or donate things you don’t need. Save money by collecting free moving boxes from local businesses or retailers. Lastly, an open-first box is a must. This includes everything you need to survive the first 24 hours in your new home. Think bed sheets, toiletries, water, snacks. You’ll thank yourself when the time comes.

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