Casa Grande, Arizona

For a change of pace, try Casa Grande for a relaxing relief from the hustle and bustle of the Phoenix metro area. The city of Casa Grande was founded in 1879 and incorporated in 1915. Originally named Terminus for being at the end of the railroad line, it was renamed Casa Grande (large house) for the nearby ruins that are actually located in a small nearby town, Coolidge. 

The largest city in Pinal County, it is home to an array of thriving industries, including distribution and manufacturing ie: Frito-Lay Plant and National Vitamin Co Inc.

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Top Attractions


1. Caywood Farms

A 4th generation family-owned cotton farm that offers seasonal farm tours


2. Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Ancient Ruins from the Sonoran Desert People that were at the center of a large ancient city in the desert. This is also the gate to a large national park named after the ruins.

3. Domes of Casa Grande

Abandoned geodesic domes that are allegedly haunted


4. The Museum of Casa Grande

The Casa Grande Valley Historical Society was founded in 1964 to preserve and exhibit the history of the Casa Grande region


5. Casa Grande Stone Church

It was the largest fieldstone building to be built by Sullivan in Casa Grande and served as the First Presbyterian Church.

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