Holiday Shipping Hacks

People all over the world are staying put this holiday season due to Covid and new travel restrictions. This challenge means we are going old school and will be sending more gifts and packages through the postage. We know that the Holiday can sneak up on us pretty quickly, so we put together a Holiday last-minute shipping guide to help you ship like a pro.

Last Minute Holiday Shipping Tips
When sending those heartfelt gifts and homemade goods, make sure they are extra secure to avoid shipping damage. A good rule of thumb is to pack your gift box in another larger gift box. This extra box makes for an added layer of protection through its journey.

If your gift or package contents are small enough to fit in a padded envelope, make sure there is sufficient bubble wrap around the items or place valuables in a small cardboard box that fits in the envelope for better protection.

You can find boxes and shipping envelopes in person and online on several websites.

Fragile items such as glass or structurally breakable items like assembled toys require extra care. Ensure that your box is large enough to add extra paddings such as foam peanuts or the more environmentally-friendly option of using recycled newspapers for a secure cushion.

Federal laws ban the mailing of certain items such as firearms, ammunition, and alcohol. So if you are looking to send your uncle some new buckshot before duck season or some Riesling to your mother-in-law, make sure to use an online service to send those directly. IE: Bass Pro Shops or

Shipping food takes a little more care.

With more people staying home this holiday season, there will be more homemade food deliveries than ever before. Sending Great Grandma’s special chocolate chip cookies or any other homemade treat, you will want to make sure that you pack and ship with these tips in mind.
• When sending cookies or other baked goods, make sure to cool them and freeze them overnight. Go the extra-mile by wrapping your cookies individually after being frozen in plastic wrap and pack them in a zip-seal plastic bag or air-tight plastic container like Tupperware or Glad plastic ware.
• To keep perishable food cool, you can use insulated containers or coolers with frozen gel packs or dry ice for items that need to stay colder like seafood.
• For food items that contain liquid or melt, pack them in 2 millimeters or more thick plastic bags and then pack them in an additional bag for more protection from leaks. When filled with bubble-wrap, foam peanuts or newspaper will protect your bags from being punctured along the way.

Make sure information is correct and legible when addressing packages.

There is nothing worse than a package returned because of incorrect postage or an illegible address. Ensure all of the address information and print all recipient addresses in clear and legible handwriting in the correct format. To make sure that all of your street addresses are readable and formatted correctly, you can use label-making software or use Microsoft Word to print clear or even festive designed labels.

Shipping is all about the timing.

Getting the timing right on your gift sending is crucial and could be the difference between your loved one getting their present on-time or closer to New Years’.

Make sure that you have purchased the correct postage to get your gifts there on time. There are many levels of expedited shipping that can speed up the delivery process. You can find a list of different shipping deadlines for USPS, UPS, and FEDEX here to ensure that you choose the correct postage to get everything delivered by Christmas.

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